These Masai children have one thing in common: they are all in school thanks to the generosity of the sponsors of the Masai Mara Solidarity association. To date, 43 children (4 photos are missing) are lucky enough to receive an education and to be able to hope for a future…Thanks to Agnès, Gilles, Anne, Annie, Carole, Caroline, Christine, Else, Fabienne, Fiona, Jean-Marc, Jeannine, Jean-Pierre, Jennifer, Josiane, Thierry, Julie, Fabien, Marie-Noelle, Martine, Patrick, Monique, Nathalie, Bertrand, Nathalie, Vincent, Nicole, Odile, Patrick, Orjen, Patricia, Frédéric, Pierre, Philippe, Pierre, Liliane, Robert, Séverine, Sophie, Thierry, Jackson, for their commitment :-)