Only 5 days left before Christmas… During this year 2022, we have often been extremely surprised by the huge wave of solidarity and generosity that has developed around the Maasai children.

Imagine what we, and you, have achieved in less than a year:

1) 39 sponsored children, whose schooling is now assured, and who will therefore have a future

2) a new fully equipped classroom, which accommodates 60 children in very good conditions at Ololomei Primary School

3) 80 double desks manufactured and delivered, so that 160 children can no longer attend classes sitting on the floor

4) 3 days of discovery of the reserve, and awareness of the protection of the Masai Mara’s natural areas and its wildlife, organised by the Tembo by Jackson team

These are great projects that have been completed thanks to the unfailing commitment of Masai Mara Solidarity Kenya and the entire Tembo by Jackson staff, but which could not have been carried out without your generosity.

Many of you have followed us, especially on the campaign to make desks (one desk for two children = 45 €)

Follow us today for a project that will directly concern all the children of the Ololomei school, and will definitely put them in security: the construction of an electrified fence and a gate, to protect the school enclosure from incursions of wild animals, especially elephants.

We know that at this time of year everyone is very busy, but we also remember that small streams make big rivers. All donations are important, more than half of the total budget (€8,000) is already financed.

We count on you, and do not hesitate to share in your networks

To make a donation, it’s easy

The children of Masai-Mara thank you!